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Using MemCachier for Social Data

In-memory caches, like MemCachier, are great for speeding up access to popular or expensive database queries. But they can also help if your app uses an external data-source like the Facebook Developer API. Unfortunately, such APIs are often too high latency to service dynamic social applications alone. For example, I built a simple Facebook application that relies on caching to provide real-time search of users’ social graph. You can check it out here, or grab the code from GitHub here.

MemCachier is Up!

I’m happy to announce that MemCachier is up and running on Heroku private beta. If you use Heroku and are interested in helping test a new memcached service, join the Heroku beta program and help out! For the duration of the test period you’ll get free memcached services for your Heroku app.