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The impact of a larger Memcache

Update (August 27th, 2018): An article explaining how to find the ideal cache size can be found here.

A larger memcache can sometimes enable better performance and scalability. But not always. Some of our customers have benefited from a larger cache, while others haven’t. In this post we’ll explain how to determine if you need a larger cache and how a larger cache improves performance. This post assumes you already have a basic knowledge of memcache – refer to our Memcache user guide if you don’t.

Using Memcache: An In-Depth Look at Example Code

Last week we answered the question, “Why should I use memcache?” Now we’ll get a little deeper into the usage of memcache by showing some example code, along with detailed explanations. This post will give you an idea about what it takes to write memcache code to help your app scale. We’ll use pseudocode to demonstrate.

MemCachier is available in cloudControl

We’re excited to announce the general availability of MemCachier in cloudControl, a platform-as-a-service provider exclusively available in the eu-west (Dublin, Ireland) Amazon EC2 region.

MemCachier is Available in AppHarbor EU

Why should I use Memcache?

Update (March 6th, 2018): In view of the widespread DDoS attacks involving memcached servers we would like to clarify that MemCachier is not vulnerable to these kinds of attacks as we use a custom built memcached server optimized for security and performance in a cloud environment. More info about the attack and how to prevent it can be found here.

Memcache is a technology that helps web apps and mobile app backends in two main ways: performance and scalability. We’ll discuss each of these in detail below, but first we’ll introduce memcache briefly.

Growing Pains: Resolved for Now

Consistent Hashing: Explained

One great MemCachier feature is built-in support for consistent hashing. Consistent hashing ultimately gives you better hit ratios when servers in your cache are either added or removed. In this post we’ll explain consistent hashing and show you why you should care.

MemCachier is Available in AppHarbor!

We’re excited to announce MemCachier’s general availability in AppHarbor’s add-on market, the leading platform-as-a-service .NET provider. For those of you unfamiliar, MemCachier manages and scales clusters of memcache servers so you can focus on your app. Get started with 15MB of memcache for free in AppHarbor. Currently MemCachier is only available in us-east.

Learning from Hacker News

On May 29th MemCachier was on the front page of Hacker News for just over two hours. Although I was initially super excited about the exposure we got, the excitement faded when we observed hardly any impact to our meaningful metrics – new and upgraded customers. The rest of this post will explain exactly how the Hacker News exposure impacted us.

MemCachier Growing Pains

MemCachier is a new service. Since May we’ve been growing more rapidly than we anticipated, and we’ve been struggling to catch up. Some of you may have been noticing short downtime that happens every few days.

First, let me apologize about this downtime. We’re working hard to resolve the issue, and we’re not proud that it’s taken us this long to get there. However, in an attempt to be honest and upfront, I want to explain what’s going on and how we’re trying to address the issue.