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Summary of the recent failures on the production cluster - February 22nd, 2013

At 3:36pm PST we had a large number of failures across the board with our production cluster. We quickly found that a single machine (MC4) was responsible for this. We run a distributed cluster that scales extremely well but also ties many machines together such that a single failing machine can cause unresponsiveness though out a lot of the cluster. We are actively working on strategies to manage this coupling better.

MemCachier-powered WordPress Object Caching

MemCachier can now power your WordPress object cache thanks to a plugin Per Søderlind created. The WordPress object cache is used to cache computationally expensive operations such as complex database queries. By using Per’s MemCachier WordPress plugin, you can speed up page load times for your readers and get all the added benefits of using MemCachier to power your cache – easy setup, high availability, and an analytics dashboard.

Joyent Webinar Recording

Today we took part in a webinar hosted by Joyent covering the topic of Platform-as-a-Service vs. Do-it-yourself. It was great fun and covered some important questions on MemCachier, what it is the team here believes in and why we are proud to be part of the PaaS movement. You can find a recording of the webinar here.

Our Hacker Culture

Joyent Webinar: DIY vs aaS

We are excited to announce that MemCachier will be taking part in a webinar put on by our friends at Joyent. The webinar will be a panel based discussion on the topic of Do-It-Yourself Vs. as-a-Service model and will take place next Wednesday the 12th of December at 10am. We hope the discussion of the trade-offs and benefits will be rewarding to all participants. Questions will be from audience members, so if you’ve ever wanted to chat with us (David will be on deck), then this is your chance!

Degraded Performance and Outages Last Week

Some of our customers in Amazon’s us-east-1 region (Virginia) noticed degraded performance and partial outages starting Friday, 11/16 through Sunday, 11/18, and again on Wednesday, 11/21. We want to take this opportunity to explain what happened.

More Usage Analytics

We made a slight change to the analytics dashboard to show 30 days of usage data. Previously we were only showing 7 days. Take a look at your dashboard and tell us what you think.

Getting the Most Out of Memcache

Despite being the go-to scaling solution for most production websites, Memcache often isn’t used to its full potential. Most developers only know about the get, set, and delete operations. However, Memcache has a broader set of operations that help developers build more advanced apps with less code and even further improved performance.

MemCachier is Now Available in EC2, AppFog, dotCloud, and CloudBees

We’re excited to announce that MemCachier is now available in EC2, AppFog, dotCloud, and CloudBees. Now developers can speed up page loads and improve their app’s scalability with MemCachier’s memcache solution.

MemCachier Hackathon: September 28th

We’re excited to announce that MemCachier is hosting a hackathon with WibiData and Thanx on Friday, September 28th, starting at 5pm. The goal is simple and the format is plain: build cool shit with other people.