MemCachier-powered WordPress Object Caching

MemCachier can now power your WordPress object cache thanks to a plugin Per Søderlind created. The WordPress object cache is used to cache computationally expensive operations such as complex database queries. By using Per’s MemCachier WordPress plugin, you can speed up page load times for your readers and get all the added benefits of using MemCachier to power your cache — easy setup, high availability, and an analytics dashboard.

To get started with the MemCachier WordPress plugin, visit the the WordPress MemCachier plugin page and click on “installation”. The instructions are simple, and although they’re catered specifically for AppFog, the MemCachier WordPress plugin will work in any of our supported partners. As long as you’ve configured the MEMCACHIER_SERVERS, MEMCACHIER_USERNAME, and MEMCACHIER_PASSWORD environment variables, the plugin will work.

You can learn more about the plugin on Per’s blog, and you can see a demo app here.  Thanks for your contribution, Per!

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