MemCachier is available in cloudControl

We’re excited to announce the general availability of MemCachier in cloudControl, a platform-as-a-service provider exclusively available in the eu-west (Dublin, Ireland) Amazon EC2 region.

cloudControl customers can get started with MemCachier by running the following command:

cctrlapp <your-app>/<your-deployment> addon.add

cloudControl has deprecated their existing memcache add-on in favor of MemCachier. cloudControl customers already using memcache have been asked to transition to MemCachier for their caching needs. The transition to MemCachier is very easy and well documented.

The MemCachier team is thrilled to be partnering with cloudControl, and we’re confident cloudControl customers will love MemCachier as much as our other customers do.

Learn more about MemCachier in cloudControl, and refer to the documentation for more information about getting started.