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MemCachier Now Available in Montreal and Mumbai

You can now enhance your application’s performance by launching MemCachier in two new regions: Montreal (ca-central-1) and Mumbai (ap-south-1). This expansion allows you to take advantage of lower network latency and offer a better experience to your users in these regions.

Launching multiple username caches!

MemCachier launches on Windows Azure Store with Discount Pricing!

Today we officially launched on the Windows Azure Store! We’ve supported Windows Azure with MemCachier for a few weeks now but weren’t integrated into their store and management interface. After some hard work to upgrade our Haskell provisioning server, we’re now have full support for Windows Azure.

MemCachier launches with Heroku in Europe

More Usage Analytics

We made a slight change to the analytics dashboard to show 30 days of usage data. Previously we were only showing 7 days. Take a look at your dashboard and tell us what you think.

MemCachier is Now Available in EC2, AppFog, dotCloud, and CloudBees

We’re excited to announce that MemCachier is now available in EC2, AppFog, dotCloud, and CloudBees. Now developers can speed up page loads and improve their app’s scalability with MemCachier’s memcache solution.

Introducing the MemCachier Analytics Dashboard

Today we’re announcing the general availability of our analytics dashboard – a simple tool to give you more insight into how you’re using memcache.

This dashboard is the start of what will eventually become the most advanced usage analysis tool available. The current feature list includes:

  • Current usage: bytes and number of objects
  • Usage history, in bytes
  • Cache flush button

Moving forward we plan to provide much more in-depth usage statistics. We’re already working on the next version – let us know if you have feature requests you’d like us to consider.

MemCachier is available in cloudControl

We’re excited to announce the general availability of MemCachier in cloudControl, a platform-as-a-service provider exclusively available in the eu-west (Dublin, Ireland) Amazon EC2 region.

MemCachier is Available in AppHarbor EU

MemCachier is Available in AppHarbor!

We’re excited to announce MemCachier’s general availability in AppHarbor’s add-on market, the leading platform-as-a-service .NET provider. For those of you unfamiliar, MemCachier manages and scales clusters of memcache servers so you can focus on your app. Get started with 15MB of memcache for free in AppHarbor. Currently MemCachier is only available in us-east.

MemCachier hits general availability in Heroku

We’re very excited to announce that MemCachier is fully live, operational, and running as an addon in Heroku! MemCachier is a managed, easy-to-use, and cheap solution for memcache in Heroku.