MemCachier is Available in AppHarbor!

We’re excited to announce MemCachier’s general availability in AppHarbor’s add-on market, the leading platform-as-a-service .NET provider. For those of you unfamiliar, MemCachier manages and scales clusters of memcache servers so you can focus on your app. Get started with 15MB of memcache for free in AppHarbor. Currently MemCachier is only available in us-east.

MemCachier is an effortless, low-cost memcache alternative with a few added benefits, too:

Same Performance

MemCachier is just as fast as other cloud offerings of memcache. Your MemCachier cluster will be in the same datacenter as your app.

Awesome Support

We’re dedicated to making MemCachier reliable and rock solid. We’re also dedicated to making our customers successful with quick and helpful support. Send us an email at

Never change your client code

Our 2-tiered architecture lets us add cache servers without requiring you to change your code. You’ll never need to make a code change with MemCachier.

Less failure impact

Your cache is spread across many servers. When one of those servers goes down, you’ll only lose a small percentage of your cache and hence only see a small increase in cache misses.

Easier growth

Our 2-tiered architecture lets us implement consistent hashing for all memcache libraries. When you increase your cache size you won’t see an increased miss rate.

Getting Started

Get started here, and learn more about AppHarbor here.