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How to use LiteSpeed Cache and Memcached on Lightsail

In this tutorial, you’ll install WordPress on AWS Lightsail. You’ll then install the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin and configure it to use Memcached, using a Memcached-compliant cache provisioned by MemCachier. By the end of the tutorial, you will have a fully functional WordPress site running on Amazon Lightsail with enhanced performance thanks to the LiteSpeed Cache plugin and Memcached.

How to use LiteSpeed Cache and Memcached on DigitalOcean

Looking for the fastest way to run WordPress on DigitalOcean? In this tutorial, you’ll set up an OpenLiteSpeed WordPress Droplet on DigitalOcean and learn how to leverage Memcached in two ways using the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin. First, you’ll use the Memcached server included with the OpenLiteSpeed WordPress Droplet. Second, you’ll create and use a MemCachier cluster for improved scalability, high availability, and powerful cache debugging.