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How to boost your SEO with Memcache: A ClickMechanic case study

Page load times are an essential factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. So ensuring landing pages load as quickly as possible is critical for SEO. ClickMechanic uses MemCachier to speed up thousands of landing pages by caching entire pages as well as composable page components to speed up on-demand page generation.

Advanced Analytics for Caching

In recent month our analytics dashboard has received a fresh new look. More than just the surface has changed though, the whole stack has been re-engineered from scratch. This new stack allowed us to add several new features such as more comprehensive metrics and the ability to set alerts. Now we are finally ready to introduce the first advanced feature our new analytics stack can offer: cache introspection.

Launching multiple username caches!

Finding your New Relic license key for MemCachier integration

Now that MemCachier supports showing your cache statistics directly in your New Relic dashboard if you are a customer of both companies, there is a need to be able to find your New Relic license key. This is a 40 character long random string used for external services like MemCachier to send data to your dashboard.