MemCachier launches on DigitalOcean with Discount Pricing!

Today we officially launch on DigitalOcean! Creating your website on DigitalOcean is super simple and now scaling it has become simpler than ever with MemCachier’s managed Memcache. Gone are the days of managing, scaling, and monitoring your own Memcached servers. With MemCachier, you can create and resize caches with the click of a button. We’ll make sure your cache is monitored 24/7 and provide expert support.

As part of this launch, all of our cache offerings are available at a discounted price: up to 50% for some plans! As a bonus, if you sign up now, you’ll receive this discounted rate for the entire life of your cache.

To signup simply visit our homepage. Once signed up you can create and mange as many caches as you want with just a click of a button.

Why use MemCachier on DigitalOcean?

MemCachier manages and scales clusters of Memcache servers so you can focus on your app. We make using Memcache a no-brainer, allowing you to scale your site without wasting time on managing servers, time that is better invested in growing your business.

In addition, MemCachier offers you a host of benefits.

  • Reliably High Performance

    MemCachier is a completely new Memcached implementation built from the ground up for the best performance on DigitalOcean.

  • Scale with Ease

    Our production plans can be scaled instantly with a single command from you. No loss of data, just scale up or down as your application needs change.

  • High Availability

    Your cache will be spread across many servers. When one of those servers goes down, you’ll only lose a small percentage of your cache while maintaining a stable hit rate.

    Additionally, plans with multiple proxies shield you from network trouble. You always have access to your whole cache via any proxy. If the network connection with one proxy is impaired, you can still access all your cached data via a different proxy.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    All resources are constantly monitored to ensure excellent uptime and performance.

  • SSL Authentication and Encryption

    Connect to your cache via fully encrypted SSL connection without any performance compromise.

  • Expert Support

    All plans come with support from Memcache experts. You’ll speak directly with engineers who’ve built the service.

Manage you MemCachier caches

When you create a MemCachier cache, you’ll be provided with three configuration variables. MEMCACHIER_SERVERS, MEMCACHIER_USERNAME and MEMCACHIER_PASSWORD. These are all you need to configure your end and have access to a high-performance, fault-tolerant cache! Refer to our documentation for setting up specific languages and clients with MemCachier.

On your cache overview page you can also seamlessly scale caches up or down, as well as access each cache’s analytics dashboard for detailed information about how your cache is performing. In addition to providing insight into the behavior of your cache, the dashboard also allows you to flush your cache, manage your access credentials, and setup New Relic Integration.

Region Availability on DigitalOcean

We are currently available in all regions except NYC2, SFO1, and AMS2. If you need a cache in these regions, please use a cache in NYC3, SFO2, and AMS3 respectively. You will still get sub millisecond performance. Nevertheless, please let us know if you are interested in a cache in these regions. The more client interest we see, the easier it will be to convince DigitalOcean to give us access to these regions.


Enjoy the benefits of having a managed Memcache! High-performance, constantly monitored, fault-tolerant, and with great support! Feel free to always contact us with any concerns or questions.