AWS Infrastructure Migration

The AWS infrastructure that MemCachier uses for direct sign-up and Heroku customers evolves over time. Amazon releases new EC2 instance types and new network infrastructure features on a regular basis. In order to exploit these new features, MemCachier occasionally needs to migrate caches to new infrastructure. We are planning to migrate all of our clusters to new AWS infrastructure over the course of the next few weeks, starting with development caches and production caches in less-used AWS regions next week. There is likely to be some limited impact on cache performance during the migration process, particularly as we retire existing EC2 instances in favor of new ones.

This migration should generally improve performance of our cache backends by switching to a newer generation of EC2 instance types, and it will also allow us to lock down security within our infrastrucutre in a more fine-grained way by switching all of our clusters over to using AWS VPC networking.

Please direct any questions about the migration process to We will be reaching out to customers with larger caches and more exacting utilization patterns individually in the next few days.