$22 Standing Desk

2pm rolls around and you’re already tired of sitting all day.  So you slouch over your computer for the rest of the day.  By the evening you’re exhausted, your back and wrists are sore, and you’re dreading doing it again tomorrow.  Sound familiar?

We got tired of sitting so we built $22 standing desks, constructed from IKEA parts and wood screws.

We’re super pleased with them — they’re sturdy and ergonomic.  The first week or two of usage was difficult, though.  Standing all day definitely takes some getting used to.  However, now that we’re adapted, we’re more energetic, more comfortable, and generally happier.

Interested in building your own?  Read the instructions here.  Building them was very easy and quick — we spent about 20 minutes per desk.

2 thoughts on “$22 Standing Desk

  1. You know I’ve seen seen a lot of these Ikea standing desks online lately, but what do you do if you ever feel like sitting down just for a minute?

    Personally I have a “makeshift standing desk” at home, which is really just a
    table, a chair, and some boxes ;o). But when I want to sit down, I have to move
    all of my stuff, stop what I’m doing, and go to my regular, sitting desk. It is a pain.

    I’ve been looking into NextDesk lately, though. It is an adjustable height desk, and
    while it is a liiiiittle more expensive than something home-made, it also seems
    a lot more convenient. And pretty. And eco-friendly. I guess it looks like a
    really good product overall.

    Check it out and let me know what you think– http://www.nextdesks.com.

    again for the post!


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