How scaled with MemCachier

Amongst all the Facebook IPO buzz was a little website that let anyone make a prediction about what the closing price would be on IPO day, James Proud put the site together super quickly at the request of Chris Sacca.

James bought the domain and whipped up a Heroku app with Python and Tornado. James’ little website blew up the day before the IPO – he was covered on TechCrunch and Bloomberg and many other blogs, too. James needed to scale pretty quickly, so he added the MemCachier memcache addon in Heroku and started caching most of the views on the home page, such as the latest predictions and predictions by followers. is a perfect memcache use case, because it’s incredibly read intensive. James expired views from his cache whenever someone made a new prediction. Considering that only 2261 people made a prediction, nearly all homepage page loads hit the cache and not the database. loaded super quickly all day despite all the press it got because of James’ ability to write good caching code backed by MemCachier.

Learn more about the Heroku MemCachier memcache addon. Thanks for using MemCachier, James!